Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another sock update

I had to rip back another 3” on the Very Problematic Socks. I know that will make Katie cry, haha, but it’s okay. They are going to fit whether they like it or not! I decreased a little too much going into the calf after the knee, so I ripped back to the decreases and unraveled until it fit nicely. Four decreases instead of six. Now I will knit straight to the halfway point of the calf and start decreasing again.

I guess these are turning into kind of a pain, but it’s not a big deal. I knit the same way I read – rush, rush, rush to finish and then when I’m done, I’m like, “What next?” The majority of the pleasure of knitting is in the knitting for me, not the finishing, so I don’t really mind unraveling and reknitting and unraveling and reknitting right now. I will get the pattern exactly how I want it and then the second sock will be a breeze! Besides, why rush to complete wool thigh-high stockings when it’s finally getting warm out?

I actually typed that up earlier this afternoon, and I have since got a bunch more knitting done. I have gotten to the lower part of the calf and am decreasing yet again.

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  1. I really like the sock! It would have killed me to rip 3 inches, however yesterday I ripped a row of a sweater which was over 300 stitches! So I can kinda understand! :)