Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Secret, Fabric, and Painting

I finished the secret project for Enzo that I mentioned. And I have started a second secret project! Again, no details for a while, but it's on my Ravelry for my fellow knitters.

I also bought some fabric yesterday (online, so I don't have it yet) for a pretty simple sewing project that might get me back in the swing of sewing so that I will feel like working on that dress. I am going to make a curtain to cover up my hall closet because I want to take the door off. I keep Minnie's litter box in there, so I have to prop the door open so she can get in and out. The closet is a disaster, and I don't really want it open to the world (not like I ever have company but still). So I'm going to make a curtain to cover the doorway. Minnie can still get in and out, and no one can see my mess.

And my big project of the moment is actually not a craft project but a home decor kind of project. I am going to be painting my laundry room which is also my entryway. I have some more cleaning up in there before I can really get started, but I finally came to an actual decision on paint colors yesterday and went and bought the paint. I am excited!

Some time soon I am going to be doing a how-to post to explain knitting in the round on two circular needles so that Alex can make a pinwheel blanket, so look for that if you really care, haha.

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