Thursday, April 8, 2010

Collar done, sleeve started

I finished the collar last night. I like it. The original plan was that Gina wanted buttons and longer sleeves, but I told her yesterday that this was a lot more lightweight of a sweater than she might be expecting. It's more of a chilly summer day sweater than a cozy winter sweater, so she said to stick with the shorter sleeves and no buttons after all. (I also promised to make her a warm sweater for winter, and I'm pretty sure she threatened me that I had to, haha.) I did the ribbed collar expecting to do buttons, but I actually think I like it better ribbed than the rolled in stockinette anyway, so it's still good to go.

I also got started on the first sleeve last night at the fancy new String Thing Shop! I'm about half done with the first sleeve. I expect to finish that today and maybe start the second sleeve. I should be done by Saturday at latest but maybe tomorrow. Then a run through the wash and it's off to Michigan!

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