Friday, April 16, 2010

Future curtains

I got the fabric in to make my closet curtains:

I love taking two fabrics that have no colors or patterns in common and pairing them up together. I think these two look terrific together. My kitchen has a lot of green and orange, so when you walk into the hall right after the kitchen, there will be this fabric hanging in front of the closet. I originally planned to do a green and blue fabric (because then the living room is blue, so it would be transition from kitchen green to hall green and blue to living room blue), but I couldn't find one that I loved as much as this combination. And besides, polka dots and flowers are two of my favorite things, ha. I probably won't work on these until after I finish painting the laundry room though. That is turning out super-awesome. I don't think I want to post pictures of that until it's all done though.

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