Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mini update including finger laceration

I don't have a ton of stuff to report other than that I finished the first sleeve of Maddy's sweater on Thursday night. It's probably a little shorter than full length, like mid forearm. Hard to say since I don't have an 11-year-old handy to try it on, ha. But it's really cute so far. Kelly and Sheldon liked it when I showed it to them last night. (Maddy is his niece, and it's for her for Christmas.)

I also got some more done on the scarf. I think I have 40, maybe a couple more, stripes done. But it's not very photogenic so no pictures.

I would probably have had Maddy's second sleeve finished yesterday if I had not sliced my finger open and ended up needing 3 stitches. Yay. I can probably knit still, but I gave my hand a rest last night. Fun times.

So that's all for today, or at least until my hand heals enough to start knitting like a madman again, haha.

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