Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still more yarn.

Three new colors.

This one is currently nameless (help!). It's fingering weight, purple, blue, and burgundy. There are a lot of white spots, so I think I am going to have to redye parts of it (just adding more of the same colors). I don't really like this one, but someone probably will.

I think I'm calling this one Lucy, also fingering weight. It's different shades of pink and gray with some purple. There's also a fair amount of white in this one (although a lot of what looks white in this picture is actually light gray) which may get overdyed and may not.

This is aran weight, and I think it's called Seaweed, but I'm not set on the name. It's green, blue, and black/purple.

I have 3 more full skeins of fingering weight and one partial skein which is only 70 g. I think I'm going to sell that one, but I'm not sure. If I do, it's going to say, good for kids' socks or trim, or something, because it's definitely not enough for a full adult sock. Anklets maybe.

I think I'm going to do another skein each of Ink Stain (my favorite), Irish Shamrocks, and Dragonfly on the 3 I have left. That will be today's work, and tomorrow will be filling in white spots and finishing Dragonfly (which is a 2-day dye job because of the way I did the colors). And then drying and making the skeins pretty over the weekend, and on sale Monday! Yay :D


  1. Name it Athena. It reminds me of a characted from the percy jackson books (anabelle) but since thats the company name I would name it after her mother. :)

  2. I actually decided I need to add more purple because I wanted it more purple than it turned out. So if it still reminds you of that after I redye it, I will call it Athena! :)

  3. Her name is Annabeth! So you can use that name! :) I love that name or athena.