Tuesday, February 8, 2011


After abandoning Pamina, I had a really difficult time picking out a new pair of socks to knit. I was going to use the same yarn and do a different fancy cabled pattern. Well, every pattern I was picking required 1.5 needles which I don't have. I got frustrated and decided to do something totally different. I went through my sock yarn leftovers and found a plain red and a red/purple that I dyed and decided to make striped socks with these two yarns. I started the same pair a while ago and also abandoned that because I didn't like how the stripes were coming out...or something. I really don't remember, it was long ago. So anyway, I decided to give that another try.

I started with the variegated yarn for the toe and then switched colors every 2 rows. I also did the heel and cuff in the variegated yarn. I finished the first sock and have started the second one, which I'm doing the opposite - plain red for the toe, heel, and cuff. I think the two socks are going to come out very different. The one I finished looks like a subtly variegated sock with bold red stripes, and this second one is looking like a bold red sock with subtle variegated stripes. I like my socks mismatched. These aren't going to be the most exciting socks ever and they are not my favorite socks ever, but they are pretty cool and I get to use up some leftovers.

I'm also working on the second Paramour sock. I knit the first one ages ago to show Alex how to knit a sock, and then I never did the second one because it was kind of boring. But I'm cleaning house everywhere, including my knitting, and that can't sit here unfinished forever. I'm not that thrilled that the second sock is a lot more white than the first, and I may end up over-dyeing both of them with pink or purple to get rid of the white. We'll see.

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