Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bokaclava finished!

I showed Aaron Ravelry a while ago. I had shown him how to knit, and he wanted to find something awesome to knit. Well, he found this "gargoyle mask" as he calls it, and decided I needed to make him one. He knitted for like one day and then went back to video games and has since occasionally asked me about when I was going to make this for him. I finally got around to it last week. I was not at all looking forward to it. It is weird and looked complicated. I am usually up for a challenge though and he really wanted it, so I got to work. As it turns out, it was not that hard at all. There were a couple complicated areas (mainly sewing the ears on was confusing), but overall it was a fun and interesting knit. And best of all, Aaron loves it. I am, however, somewhat dreading that he will be out shoveling snow in this all winter long, haha. But if he wants to be a total weirdo, who am I to do anything but encourage it by knitting him gargoyle masks?

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