Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Doggy sweater finished!

I made a sweater for my neighbor's dog, Chase. Just in time, as it turned out, since we had snow a few days later. I tried it on the cats, and they were none too pleased, haha. I should have gotten pictures of that...

I've decided to make a sweater for Christian for Christmas. I'm not using an actual pattern, just using elements from several other patterns I've used and liked including Vestee, Easy Baby Cardigan, and Offset Wraplan. It's going to be a striped, top-down, short-sleeved raglan with mistake rib borders and a hood. I'm finally using the Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima that I got ages ago at String Thing Shop with the intention of eventually making a striped sweater for Christian, and it's coming out cute. The colors are called chartreuse and turquoise, but they are more of a bright yellow and bright blue to me. In any case, it's soft and really shiny and brightly colored, and I think it's going to be adorable. I'm pretty sure I'm going to write up and possibly sell the pattern for it when I'm done.

I also don't think I mentioned that I started Aaron's Durrow. It's coming along pretty quickly, and I'm up to the armhole decreases on the back. It's going on temporary hold while I knit Christian's sweater since I need that for Christmas, but we are both happy with how it's turning out so far.

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