Thursday, March 1, 2012

Durrow is lame.

So I finished most of the knitting on Durrow ages ago and put of seaming for a long time due to disinterest and general blahness. I finally got around to seaming a couple weeks ago and moved on to the collar, only to find that the collar was waaaay too wide. I searched through some Ravelry projects and found that a lot of other people had the same problem. I came up with some solutions and tried knitting the collar longer. I also put that off for a while. I got back to that this weekend and earlier this week. I finally came to the conclusion that it looks terrible. The collar looks totally lame, and Aaron's gained some weight since I started the dumb thing and it's a bit too small and looks all stretched out and stupid anyway. So after a small tantrum, I started ripping it out last night.

I think what I will do instead is just a basic raglan sweater with the cable pattern from Durrow on the sleeves. Because the sleeves were one of the only things I liked about this sweater. A lot of the construction was just not well thought out. It's K4, P2 rib. Seriously how hard would it be to plan the ribbing that it was symmetrical. Like starting and ending with K2 and then working across in pattern, instead of just starting K4 and ending P2, which looks sloppy to me. It worked out because the ribbing continued around the body (so that one side ending on P2 was sewn to the other side starting K4), but that really threw off the alignment of the collar and stuff in my opinion. It would have been a better design move to do the ribbing so that the center of the collar fell in the center of one of the K4 sections instead of just wherever, which also looks sloppy. Anyway, I'm rambling, but I wasn't impressed with this pattern, and I don't recommend it, unless you do a different sweater and just use the sleeve cables.

Maybe starting over with a new sweater will get my out of my knitting funk.

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