Monday, May 27, 2013

Hooded Playground Shirt

I finished my third Playground Shirt today! I added a hood because Christian is crazy about hoods. Originally I wanted to do just a crochet border around the edges with the blue, but I didn’t have enough gray yarn. I ended up with less than 3 g total leftover for both yarns, so this worked out perfectly! I really like it, although I should have placed the blue stripe around the bottom a little higher. I didn’t expect it to roll up so much. I used a garter stitch border around the hood, which looks better in person than it does in the first photo.

Somewhat better photo of the hood border.

As far as the Drip Drip Drop socks go...I'm going to finish them but I don't think I'll qualify for the SKA Sockdown drawing because I'm modifying the foot.  Basically I don't love the way the foot cables look, but I was going to knit according to pattern anyway.  However, they are really tight to get on.  I added more length to the heel flap which helped some, but attempt 2 at the foot part is still way too tight.  Rather than go back and yet again add more length to the heel, or go up a needle size, I've decided to skip the cables on the foot portion and just continue the ribbing all the way down.  And this is why I don't knit mystery socks normally!  I love the top portion, but the bottom doesn't really match in my opinion, and besides it's too tight with thick cables on the foot.  So now I know.  Plain ribbed foot, here I come. 

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