Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gartini? and Swift success!

I’m not sure I really want to make that Gartini thing after all. The last pair of underwear I attempted from Knitting Lingerie Style turned out ridiculous, and Amanda said it looked like a man-thong, hahaha. Seriously, it was so bad. I ended up basically rewriting the pattern to fit me and it wasn’t really like the original anyway. So maybe I should just take that same pattern (the rewritten-for-myself version) and make it again but add garters? Or maybe I can just make some detachable garters and wear then with regular underwear. I think I will give the book’s pattern a shot, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll just use my rewritten version and add garters.

Oh, I also forgot: I would like to announce that I successfully used the swift at Cozy Cabin for the first time ever last week! Toni and Brenda laughed at me when I yet again could not figure it out. Barb saved me by setting up my first skein, and when I was ready to do the second, I did it all on my own! I yelled, “I did it!” Hahaha, so proud. It was probably a one-time event though. I don’t know why because I am usually really good at figuring things like that out, but I cannot master that swift.

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  1. Yuck holes are annoying! I'm sorry! Good luck fixing it! :)