Thursday, March 11, 2010

Size problems

Since I can't be bothered to check gauge normally, I am having some sizing issues with the Very Tall Socks. Not to mention that I am apparently much shorter than whomever the pattern was written for! I already had to recalculate all the numbers for length - the pattern is for 30" socks. I know they are supposed to be high, but 30" on me? I might as well make pants! - and now I realized about 10" into the first sock that my gauge is way off and if I keep going at this gauge I am going to have saggy knees, ha. So I ripped back about 3" and have yet again recalculated some numbers. Luckily I am a math geek, so I'm okay with that. Basically I am just using the pattern as a guide at this point and mostly doing my own thing. I like a challenge, so it's okay!

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