Monday, March 29, 2010

The yarn has arrived!

My Knit Picks order came in today! Apparently everything I am working on lately is either purple or blue or both.

This blue (slightly darker in person):

and this purple:

are going to be a sweater for Gina (hopefully she likes the colors).

The purple above, along with the purple below, is also going to be a turtle for Maddy.

I also got four skeins of bare worsted weight to dye for longies and the yarn to finish up my Very Tall Socks! So much exciting stuff to work on! And I cannot wait to dye yarn again, although I have to wait until the baby arrives so I know what colors to work with. Less than a month until s/he is here!

Now the question is, do I finish my Kalajoki socks (nearly at the heel of sock #2), go back to my Very Tall Socks (just past the heel of sock #1), go back to my Gartini (not much knitting left but I don't have the little slidy things and clippy things that you need for garters anyway), start Gina's sweater, or start Maddy's turtle?!


  1. finish you Kalajoki socks, than your very tall socks and than start the sweater! and when you bored with the sweater make the turtle! :)

  2. that's pretty much what I decided :)