Monday, April 26, 2010


I finished the first Paramour sock! I didn't really take pictures of how to do the toe, so hopefully my explanation (coming up soon, hopefully) will suffice. If not, I can take pictures on the second sock.

I'm not sure when I will get to the second sock, because I realized this weekend that the dress I intend to sew but previously had no reason to finish or anywhere to wear it, will be perfect for Christian's baptism sometime next month. So I will have to get to work on that. There are 33 steps that I need to complete. I know once I get going, I usually end up doing like 8 steps in one day, and I hope that is the case this time because I also promised someone that I would type an 82-page screenplay by the middle of May. So between the typing project and the sewing project, I expect to be busy, although I always over-estimate how long things are going to take (this is why I am perpetually early to arrive anywhere), so who knows, maybe I will be done with both by next week.

I have one other quick project to show off. I tend to wear jeans until they literally fall apart, rather than going through the trouble of finding new ones that fit perfectly. So instead of throwing them away, I started sewing patches in them. I have a pair that really, really needs the patches redone, but that's a project for another day. Today I did two small patches in another pair, which came out pretty cute:

And finally, in gardening news (which is not really crafty but still fun to show off), my tulips are blooming!! Tulips are my favoritest flower.

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