Thursday, April 29, 2010

Project update

I've started my dress. I got 6 steps of 33 finished. Sewing that green piece to the main part was no picnic, let me tell you. Very awkward sewing...and yay, I get to do it again for the lining. So far I just have that bodice part and the straps done. Lots of work to go.

The play I am typing up for Aaron's aunt is going a lot more quickly than I expected though. I might even finish that up this weekend at the rate I am going. So that will let me really get down to business with the dress.

For a sitting-on-the-couch project (sewing is too hectic to do while sitting and relaxing, and I can't keep running back and forth to the sewing machine all night!), I started a pair of longies for Christian. I realized the other day that half of the yarn I bought at the Cozy Cabin closing sale was girly yarn. I told Kelly her next baby has to be a girl so I can make cute pants out of this pink, lilac, and light yellow yarn, haha. I even said to Brenda at the store when I was buying it that we didn't know if the baby was a boy or girl but "We're all sure it's a girl, so I'm going with that." Haha, and then Jillian was a boy. Oh well. This is the pair I'm working on now. Debating whether to do red stripes on the legs...

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