Thursday, April 1, 2010

Skinny boy sweater

I've decided that I eventually want to make Aaron another sweater. The first sweater I ever made was for him, and I haven't made him one since. I think it is safe to say that I could do better now! He says he still wears the old one, but I know it was pretty big and just oddly shaped in the shoulders. So I started looking through patterns for a man sweater today. It has to be something that will look good on a really skinny guy, not baggy and sack-like and droopy. I kind of like the idea of a tight-fitting sweater on a skinny guy, but I kind of like skinny guys, so...maybe it's me :)

Anyway, I have narrowed it down to three potential skinny boy sweater patterns: I have made Leo, for my dad in the past, and it is a really simple pattern but with a really polished and pleasing result. I've never made Joukahainen (yet again the link is in Finnish but there is an English version available for download on Ravelry), but it also looks very simple and stylish. Lastly, Durrow is hard to see in this photo, but it is similar to Leo in that it is ribbed, although it has different shoulder shaping and it has cables down the arms. I like all three. Maybe I will make all three, haha. But I have to start with one. I really love Leo, but I have made that before, so maybe something new...Of the other two, I can see Durrow being Aaron's choice, and I should probably go with that, but I really, really think Joukahainen would look nice on him. Aaahhh!

There is no hurry. I have a lot on my plate again, knitting wise! For a while there I was buried in baby patterns, and after finishing that I was kind of at a loss for where to turn next. Now I have myself all stocked up on things to knit, and instead of knitting, I am looking for still more patterns!

Right now I am redoing the BO on the Gartini's waistband since I could barely get the thing on, it was so tight. I also did one of the straps so far. They are a pain. It's just three stitches back and forth in garter stitch for like 10" or something, but that is not any fun. I am also back to working on the first of the Very Tall Socks. I had gotten the heel finished before running out of yarn, but I decided last night to redo the heel in the opposite color because I didn't like the way it looked. I may get started on Gina's sweater shortly also. It's not as if I need wool stockings for the summer. Not that Gina needs a sweater for the summer either, but still. This is what I have picked out for her, although she requested a button to close it and lengthened sleeves for her "praying mantis arms," hahahaha.

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