Sunday, April 4, 2010


I got started on Gina's sweater yesterday. I decided that I was in no hurry to finish my Very Tall Socks since it is getting warm out now. Not that Gina will need a sweater for the summer, but still. I like it so far. It looks small, but it fits me. There is going to be a wide collar added later too.

I also got to knit with Alex yesterday. That was fun. I don't knit with people enough. I am too lazy to go to Cozy Cabin/soon to be String Thing Shop very often, and I have no friends, haha. Anyway, I showed her what she needed to do for her blanket, and she's got that down. It is coming along nicely. I should have taken a picture, but I didn't think of it. This is what she is making.

I re-did the BO on the Gartini so that I could actually get it on, and I put elastic in the waistband. I also ordered the garter clips and slider things. I have two of the straps finished, and I just have to do two more and then attach the clip stuff. I had a hard time finding them online, but I finally went to the White Lies Design website (the website of Joan McGowan-Michael who wrote Knitting Lingerie Style, where the Gartini pattern is from) and they had them on there.


  1. Your going to come to the "grand" reopening right?! I've missed you lazy bones! :)

  2. Yes, I most certainly will come to the grand reopening :) Can't wait to see the "new" store!