Monday, April 5, 2010

More stripes

I'm really loving this color combination. Usually the only people I make sweaters for are Kelly, my mom, or Janet, and none of them would appreciate these colors properly, so I'm glad I finally decided to make Gina something! I know she likes purple, and I am pretty sure she will like the blue as well. The sweater is coming along quite quickly. I'm actually almost done with the body, and then I have to do the collar and the sleeves. I know right now it looks like it won't close in the front, but I can do the collar as wide as I need to.

I also love the insanely easy construction of top-down raglans. This is my second one (the first was another of Jenn Pellerin's patterns, the Garter Stitch Swingy Sweater, which I made Kelly for Christmas), and I am hooked. Very minimal seaming is awesome.


  1. I love the strips! I would HATE sewing in all the ends! I am LAZY! :)

  2. So am I! But the stripes are pretty wide so there aren't that many ends to weave in.