Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Christian's Rugby Pants

I finished yet another pair of longies. Not much else to report these days. See, I knew I would be project-less before long!! I have one more pair lined up and then I want to make a pair of On the Go-veralls which are super-cute baby overalls! Yay. I'm not totally sure about the colors for the overalls yet, and if I do them in the color I had planned, then I will need to order yarn. I'm thinking I'll check out the Cascade stash at String Thing Shop tomorrow (I intend to make it since my bladder is now under control, haha) and maybe get something right away for them.

I also want to get some yarn dyed already. Kelly wants a blue/green and a blue/purple. I will still have two undyed skeins left over for future dyeing. I also told Alex we'd dye yarn next time she is in town, so maybe I'll save the last two for then. Plus I might want to dye sock yarn by that point! I will probably do two skeins some time this week though...maybe tonight?

[edit] Oh darn it, I have no vinegar! Crap, no dyeing tonight :(

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