Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm making yet another pair of longies for my little Christian-monkey. These are black and yellow, bumblebee pants!! I love bees. Bees love me. I could tell you like 50 stories of bees flying into me, landing on me, hanging out in my car, etc. I am just a bee magnet. And so I am making Christian some bee pants. Katie says they are Steelers colors, to which I throw up. Haha, I hate football. Bee colors, end of story!

I also went to knit at String Thing Shop last night and picked up some new yarn for a pair of On the Go-veralls. I'll probably use Navy as a contrast color because I won't have quite enough of this for the whole thing.

I have a few other projects currently in the works, things I haven't started yet but will be getting to soon.

1. Eyeballs: I’m going to make three eyes for cat toys, one for my cat, one for Aaron’s cat, and one for Rachel’s cat (which will likely be stolen by Aaron’s cat). I am going to add the nerve endings as in the crocheted pattern here since all three of us are fairly morbid and will be greatly amused by our cats chewing on eyeballs with dangly nerve endings. And of course catnip inside is a must.

2. Non-tainted uterus: Aaron needs a new uterus because the last one I made has been taken over by Daedra (his cat) who apparently makes love to it when she’s in heat…which has led to its now being called “the tainted uterus.” So they need a non-tainted uterus. (Why they need a uterus at all is a question I cannot answer, haha.)

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