Friday, May 14, 2010

Lots of plans

Another sewing project planned. As if I don't have enough stuff I want to make. And really this is a double project. But hey, if you have 30 projects going at once, you will never be bored. I'm making two versions of the same top, so I might as well do them both at once, right? I cut all this fabric last year, and it's been sitting around waiting for me to do something with it. The time is now! Where will I ever wear these fancy corset-style tops? Who cares. It never hurts to have a couple of fancy corset-style tops lying about, especially ones you've made yourself. They are not real lace-up Victorian corsets or anything, but they do have boning and stuff. I think they just have zippers instead of laces though. Not sure off hand. I love corsets by the way. Maybe someday I will get around to making the real thing, but this will do nicely for now. Besides if I have no use for these, what in the world am I going to do with a real corset?? Anyway, I'm probably doing B and C, and here are the fabrics:

I guess they're kind of hard to see, but they are...I don't know, brocade, I guess? Or maybe it's jacquard? I can't remember, I bought them years ago. But one is silver with black flowery designs and the other is black with black designs. Who knows when I will feel like starting that though.

The list of things to make now includes -
1. Knit bumblebee longies, started (updated picture below!)
2. Dye yarn and then knit longies (one skein dyed and three currently in the oven!)
3. Sew two corset tops
4. Knit 3 eyeballs
5. Knit On the Go-veralls.
6. Knit a uterus
7. Knit a Kimono Wrap sweater for Gina
8. Knit a Laura sweater for Jeannie
9. Knit a Jenny scarf for Minnie
10. Knit a sweater for Aaron (not sure what kind yet)
11. Knit a sweater for Christian (not sure what kind yet)
12. Knit a Trogdor for Aaron.
13. Knit Christian's first tattoo.

Some of those projects I haven't even gotten around to mentioning yet. The first 6 or so are the ones that matter right now. The others are just things that I want to get to sometime. Gina told me about a book she and Enzo are reading. It is about Jenny Linsky, a black cat who attends cat club meetings and wears a red knitted scarf. She reminded Gina of Minion, so now this has me thinking that Minion needs a red Jenny scarf. That's just a silly project for when I'm bored or something though. But how cute it will be, haha. Anyway, most of that stuff, if you want to see what it is, is in my queue on Ravelry so take a peek there if you care at all. Or just wait around for me to get to it and see it here!

Here are the bumblebee longies so far! I'm working on the legs. I decided to kind of work on both legs at once, rather than do one and go back and do the other. It seemed less boring.

I also recently did a video on how to do the long-tail cast on, which you may view here if you so desire! Enjoy the sounds of my insane cat doing acrobatics off camera (along with one super-speedy blitz through the video frame which is hard to see because it is dark and she is black).

And as mentioned, I have yarn currently dyeing, so I will probably update tomorrow, if not later today, with pictures!! I will probably need help naming the colorways too. I know what one is going to be called because it was a special request from Kelly, but the other three are still up in the air at the moment. One was supposed to be a worsted weight version of Stellar, but I think it came out different and will therefore need a different name. Anyway, pictures to come later!!

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