Friday, May 14, 2010


My yarn is all lovely. Most of it didn't come out quite like I wanted (it never does!) but the one Kelly requested came out perfect, so that's good. Here are my four new colors!

#1. This was supposed to be more bright red and bright orange. The orange came out more muted in some spots than I intended, but the red is pretty bright in places. Still nice. It needs a name.

#2. This was supposed to be like Stellar, but the dye took strangely and I redyed parts of it, which totally changed everything. Also needs a name.

#3. A really oddball occurrence. I guess I should know by now that the black never takes properly. Believe it or not, this was supposed to be blue and black. It came out blue and a sort of black cherry purple. The black always seems to separate into green and purple somehow, and I guess the purple takes more quickly than the green. I guess I didn't cook it long enough for the green to take. Anyway, another blue and purple (which Kelly doesn't even like purple, haha) which needs a name.

#4. This is the one that came out perfect. Kelly has a tye-dyed T-shirt these colors and asked for "green and blue like my T-shirt, for my Earth Day Baby." This one came out just right and is, of course, called Earth Day Baby.

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