Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just color pictures

I haven't really been knitting the past couple days. I am on this stupid medication for my eczema which has been giving me intense headaches, and I have no desire to do anything but lie around and be lazy. So no real knitting or sewing updates, but I did finally get the last skein of yarn wound into a ball, and I then took closeup pictures of all four recently dyed skeins for your viewing pleasure.

I'm not 100% sure on the name, but I'm thinking at the moment this one will be Volcano Boy. Because if Kelly and I are Volcano Girls, Christian is most certainly a Volcano Boy, and this looks pretty volcanic/lava-like. (It is not as pink in real life as it looks here. It's more orange and red.)

This one is Purple Marple Marble. Hahaha. Kelly and I were talking about Miss Marple from the Agatha Christie stories, and it's a weird name. And purple and marble are kind of phonetically similar and weird also, and they all combine nicely together. Nonsense, ha.

This one is Thunderstorm because it looks like a stormy sky and it was also thunderstorm-ing the day I dyed these yarns. (Lightening struck right outside Aaron's apartment and scared poor Kitty Poo so badly that she peed herself, hahaha. Luckily Aaron was indoors at the time or he almost certainly would have been struck, with the combination of his terrible luck and his metal cane!)

And finally, as already mentioned, this one is Earth Day Baby after Christian. I am so enamored of that child.


  1. and where is my perfect pink and green! :) lol Perfect as always. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well!

  2. well since i made them for my nephew, i didn't do any pink!! hahaha, maybe next time :)

    feeling better today since it is now my weekend, yay!