Monday, May 17, 2010

Lining, Go-veralls, and action shots

So I've decided to buy actual lining fabric to line my corsets instead of using the main fabric, which was the worst idea ever. So I will actually have enough of the main fabric for four tops...maybe I will eventually make a duplicates and sell them? We'll see. I also think I am going to redo parts of what I already sewed, to try to perfect some strange seams. Luckily this is just a pointless project and I don't need these any time soon, or ever really.

The Go-veralls are coming out cute. I am pretty much done with the first leg. These are really, really wide legs compared to the Sheepy Pants, though, so I don't know how I feel about that. I even went down two needle sizes. Not only are they still huge on size 7's instead of 9's, but my gauge is even smaller than called for. So how wide are they supposed to be?! Crazy.

I harassed Kelly into taking pictures of Christian with some of the stuff I made. Here he is in his Munchkin Hat, which he apparently either really likes or really hates, haha.

Christian on his Pinwheel Blanket, surrounded by Ringo the octopus and Sheila and Shelby the turtles. Sheila is eating his head. Daisy the cat is in the background. I did not knit her.

Here are Christian and Mommy showing how much they like the OpArt blanket.

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