Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lots of stuff to show off

I intended to go to STS to knit tonight, but unfortunately I have a bladder infection and am spending most of the day in the bathroom, not to mention having some weird reaction to the antibiotics, in which my skin is burning up. I thought I had a fever, but now I think it's from the antibiotics. Anyway, Katie and the girls are deprived of my company tonight, but it's not my fault this time. I didn't think I would make it up to Mountain Top without having to stop in every bathroom on the way, haha.

I do have lots of stuff to show off though. I finished the orange and red longies.

I also finished the booties for Laura's son.

And today, I did a bunch of iron-ons on onesies for Christian. Kelly said the other day not to make him too many pants because he didn't have shirts to go with them. Now he does. The 3-6 month ones (Mommy loves Paris, random pirate duck, Daddy is a cyclist, ferret!)

And the 6-9's (Minion, bee, I <3 Auntie, Mommy's little piggy)

I also made a soccer ball one because Daddy's a soccer fan, but it got smeared. I still have one blank one left. I think I will do a dog one.

I haven't worked on my dress at all since I last mentioned it, but I now have the date for the Christening (June 6) and so I at least know when it has to be done by. That's a month away, no problem. My mom and I are going to visit with Kelly, Sheldon, and Christian this weekend! Yay. Best baby ever. I can't wait until he gets big enough to wear some of the stuff his auntie made. Kelly promises pictures. (Mostly he's just been wearing a diaper and onesie, I guess, because it's warm there and they haven't really taken him out much yet.)

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