Thursday, May 27, 2010


I knit a new uterus for Aaron and Rachel yesterday. It's such a quick project. I know it is totally weird too, but basically I always joke with Aaron that I am going to give him my uterus because I don't need it. Last year, I knit one up for him and gave it to him as a joke, and we both got such a huge kick out of it. The cats also loved it. He took it when he moved in with Rachel, and since then Daedra, his cat, has taken it over as her own for some sort of sex toy when she's in heat. So ridiculous, but true. Anyway, it's now the "tainted uterus," so I made them a new one. I imagine that this one is just going to get tainted too, but oh well. It's a really quick project. The original was bright pink and had googly eyes. This one is red and currently blind as I have no clue where my little bag of eyes has gotten to.

I also started another pair of longies with yarn I dyed. This yarn is Volcano Boy. I'm doing a drawstring waist this time, hence the hole. (I did the drawstring hole differnt than the pattern. I bound of 4 st like it said, but instead of re-casting on 4 on the next row, I cast on 6 and then did K2tog at each end of the hole - the last stitch before the hole and first stitch of the hole and then the last stitch of the hole and first stitch after the hole. Does that make sense? I don't know, but this made it tighter and not as gappy where the stitches were re-cast on.)

[Edit] I found the googly eyes!! (Of course, where else would they be but under the living room chair?) Having given sight to a blind uterus, I can now consider this day a success.

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