Friday, May 28, 2010


I was going to do the final installation of my sock knitting instructions because I figured I could explain the toe without pictures (which I neglected to take when finishing the sock I used for demonstration). Then I realized that the kitchener stitch at the end would be nearly impossible to explain without pictures. So I am going to take pictures when I kitchener the gusset of the longies I am making, because even though it's not a sock the technique is the same either way. I should be at that point in the next day or two, so I can finally finish up the sock-knitting posts!

I recently found out one of my good friends Amanda is expecting a baby! I'm really excited for her because she has been wanting to have kids since I met her about 5 years ago, and the timing was finally right, so yay! I know you would not think it to read this blog, but I am not generally fond of children, infants especially. I adore my nephew, I am in love with Gina's son Enzo, and I am very happy for Amanda...but eh, "regular" babies don't really do it for me. Only the special babies of my good friends and my sister! Regardless, I will probably make a few things for Amanda's baby, namely another Pinwheel Blanket if she wants one. (Before I finished this post, she responded to my offer to make her one of those by saying it is her favorite blanket that she has ever seen, so I guess that's a yes! Haha. I definitely will make her one. I need to get some more of the Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn. I have some left over but not enough.) She is a huge Batman fan, and I have already made Batman and Robin sweaters for her dogs and Bat-mittens for her, so I anticipate some Bat-bibs or something for the baby. The baby's room is going to be sea-themed apparently, so I'll have to whip up some more stuffed octopus toys and a fiddler crab and things like that.

I haven't been sewing lately, so no updates on the tops I was making. They frustrated me way too much, so they are on hold for the time being.

Alex and I have been talking about the awesomeness of Knit Picks lately, and all this talk about yarnyarnyarn led to a purchase today, haha. I haven't bought yarn for a while. Work is going awesomely well lately, and I am finally making some money again, which means I have some to spend on new yarn. Yay! I bought a bunch of worsted weight and fingering weight Bare yarn to dye (maybe when Alex is in town this summer, she can come over and we'll have a dyeing party), some CotLin to make Vestee for Christian, some...Swish Worsted, I think, to make a Ribbed Baby Jacket for Christian, and some Shine Sport to make another Swinging Stripe Cardigan, this one! Yes, I am going to make myself something. Shocking.

And current project update, Volcano Boy longies in progress:

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