Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I made a jellyfish! This is for Amanda's baby. It came out smaller than I expected. I know amigurumi are generally pretty small, but I somehow always expect them to come out bigger. The pictures in the book are deceiving, I think.

[edit] I also forgot to mention that while there are a few mistakes in the pattern, it wasn't the horrible experience that some other Ravelry members led me to expect. It says to start with CC1 when it should say MC, there is a minor mistake in the chart (in row 17, I believe - I just worked around it), and the BO in the pictures is just a straight BO rather than the picot BO in the instructions. Otherwise it's all correct as far as I could make out, and the errors are so minor that I can't imagine it being a real problem if you have any experience with knitting stuff like this.

I'm now making a fiddler crab for the baby. I made one of these before for Enzo, and I used size 3 needles. It was such a tight knit that I decided to go up to size 5's this time. Now this pattern, on the other hand, came out HUGE last time, and if I am doing it on larger needles, I can't wait to see how out of control it will be now...

Also I realized today that I should look on ebay for a new presser foot for my sewing machine. (Thanks to the sew_hip community on LJ!) I found the one I need, and I ordered it! So yay, I am going to have a standard presser foot again instead of just the zipper one.

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  1. Love the jellyfish! I'm sure the fiddler crab will be just as adorable! Great ideas for a baby!