Friday, June 4, 2010

Legs and dyes

I have the four medium legs and two large legs of the fiddler crab done. I have one of the two small legs knitted but not sewn up yet. I'm not really in any hurry with this because all the other projects I want to work on, I am waiting on the yarn for. Except the Pinwheel Blanket, which I have the yarn for, but I am waiting to start until I see Alex. She's going to start one too with my help, so we might as well start together.

I also bought some new Wilton's dyes. I had a few colors and they are easy to mix to get other colors, but you never quite know if your green is going to be the right green or if your purple will be too blue, etc. So I got a few greens and teal and some other reds/pinks. The top 6 are the new ones, and the bottom 6 I already had. Can't wait to experiment with these :)


  1. yummy! I love seeing the stuff you dye! Go Annie!

  2. Yay :) I probably won't be dyeing until sometime in July, but I can't wait :D

    If you want me to dye for you, let me know! I know I said I would last time, but I only had Worsted Weight at that time and I figured you wanted socks. So I'll get some sock yarn to dye for you if you want :D

  3. of course I do. I like long repeats (if you can make that happen!) and colors I'm not picky about. surprise me! and set a price! :)

  4. how about $15 for a 100-gram/460-yard skein? I'm sure I can work out some long repeats in Katie-specific colors! :D