Friday, June 4, 2010


For my own future reference, for the stupid large cheliped on the fiddler crab: The part with the CC is the part closest to the body. The part sewn shut is the pincer!

I screwed that up this time, and I ended up having to make a second large cheliped because it seemed easier than trying to correct the part I screwed up. Oh well. Not a huge ordeal, but annoying nonetheless. Tight knitting, hard on my hands. (Also, did I mention that while making the jellyfish I managed to YET AGAIN pick up stitches with the WRONG side facing when clearly I should have done it with the RIGHT side facing. Again. Why can I never do that right? I did it right on the cheliped, only to discover that it was at the wrong end. Annoying.) Anyway, now the Minion has an incorrectly made crab leg to play with.

I now have all 8 legs and the large cheliped done. The small cheliped is almost done.

I got in my Knit Picks shipment! Yay! I'm actually glad I got it this weekend because now I can take a different project than this crab to work on in MD. We are leaving tonight, and the Christening is tomorrow. I don't want to have to wrestle all these crab parts in transit, haha. I will start either one of the baby sweaters or the sweater for myself. Not sure which yet. Yarn (the huge one on the right is the Lion Brand Pound of Love, which I got in the other day, but I get a kick out of how gigantic a pound of yarn is, haha):

Four skeins of bare fingering weight, four of bare worsted weight, five of Comfy Worsted in Peapod, five of CotLin in Whisker, three of Shine Sport in Leapfrog and one of Shine Sport in Serenade. And one monstrous Pound of Love.

[edit] Ok, seriously, what is wrong with me?!?! I picked up the stitches for the carapace on the wrong side!!! There is something wrong in the picking-up-stitches part of my brain! Unbelievable.

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