Monday, June 7, 2010

My weekend in crafts

I finished the top and front of the carapace of the fiddler crab. I put it on hold after this because I was going away for the weekend. Also, I'm not looking forward to attaching all the legs, which is the next step!

I got started on my Swinging Stripe Cardigan. Here it is as of Saturday afternoon. I have finished about half of the first purple stripe since then.

In the car on the way to Maryland, I actually got to be the passenger this time. Usually when my mom and I go anywhere, I am the driver, but Dave went this time too. This meant 2+ hours of knitting. I started on the Ribbed Baby Jacket for Christian. This is what I got done Saturday in the car and a little at the hotel. Very quick project.

We went out to eat with Kelly's family on Saturday. She wore this top that I made her a few years ago:

Sunday was Christian's baptism. I wore the dress I made! I even used my giant pockets for cell phone and camera storage, ha.

We had time to kill in the morning before going to the church, so we stopped at a Joann craft store! Yay. New fabric:

And I got to do more knitting on the way home. I am already on the front of the baby jacket. Hard to see what is going on here, but the entire back is done, the left sleeve is done, and I'm currently working on the left front.

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