Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lining fabric and button band

I got the lining fabric that I ordered for my dress. It's all satiny and awesome:

I will probably get back to work on the dress tomorrow now that I have that.

The body and the first leg of the romper are done. I am now working on the button band which I am doing in black. I realized halfway through that I was supposed to change to smaller needles for it. It looks fine as is though, and while I would go back and knit the whole thing on smaller needles if really necessary, the thought of picking up 275 stitches again convinced me that it's absolutely not necessary!! I know this isn't the most fabulous picture, but because of the way the button band is knit, you can't really see the whole thing anyway.

I decided that instead of having functional buttons, I will sew snaps to the inside of the button band to close it and just have decorative buttons on the outside. Because the thought of buttoning 11 buttons on a wiggly baby...well I'd almost rather pick up those 275 stitches again, ha. Yet the buttons are part of what makes this an adorable little outfit, so I will still put them on for cuteness.

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