Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yet another new project

I have really been wanting to start the Gift Wrap Romper since I got the yarn on Thursday, but I decided that I have too many projects currently and that I needed to finish 2 of my current projects before starting another one.

So I finished the second sleeve of the Swinging Stripe Cardigan. I just have to do the collar. I'm not sure if I want to do the stockinette collar in the pattern or the ribbed collar that I did on Gina's.

I also made pretty good progress on Sabine's sweater. I'm now on the left half of the front, past the sleeve.

I figured those 2 projects would be the easiest to finish, and then I could start the romper. Then I changed my mind and started it anyway, haha. Nothing I'm making is needed immediately, and I should knit what I want to knit, right? I absolutely adore this romper! I love the colors, and it is just going to be SO CUTE!!


  1. you do love to sew in ends don't you! The colors are perfect! :)

  2. I'm just carrying the yarn, not cutting it at each stripe! I would go insane if I had to weave in those ends!!!