Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not much to report.

Not much of interest to report, yet I can't seem to stop myself from posting anyway. I am currently working on so many projects that I am making barely noticeable progress. I have the pinwheel blanket started. It looks lovely so far, but at this rate it will take forever. I started Sabine's Ribbed Baby Jacket. Barely any progress, but it will be cute. I'm still working on my Swinging Stripe Cardigan. I just pulled that back out after taking about a week off with it. Working on the first sleeve. I also started Twist & Shout for Gina. Sloooow progress there, but it will be awesome when done. And I still have Minion's Jenny Linsky scarf on the needles, but I haven't worked on it much. That's just a "bored with everything else" kind of project.

I'm used to having a single project going at any given time and making significant progress on that single project. Having 5 projects going means less progress on each one. (And therefore probably less frequent posting here, haha. Obviously not.) And I need to get started on my dress also. I think Friday (my day off) will be a good day to get going on that.

In other minor news, we'll probably have another Knitting Alliance meeting next month, so that's good :) I like hanging out with Alex (because she's "m'nerd," hahaha) and any excuse to visit Christian is good enough for me!

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