Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Sun Hat

I found this pattern yesterday and decided I had to make it immediately. I am going to visit Kelly tomorrow, and I wanted to try to whip one up quickly and give it to her so Christian can wear it right away. It is a super quick pattern, and I finished it up today. I love this hat! Christian is going to look so cute in it.

Trying to get this done meant that I put Vestee and the Swinging Stripe on hold for a short time. I had been hoping to finish up Vestee by tomorrow so I could also take that to give to Kelly, but it's a 12-month size, so it's not like he's going to wear it right away, so no hurry really. Anyway, still not done with those, but I am on the hood of the Vestee and the last stripe of the cardigan body.

I also cut out the pattern pieces for a new dress today! I am going to make this to wear to Aaron's dad's surprise 60th birthday party in August. I am more excited about the dress than the party, haha. I only bought 2 yards of fabric because I wasn't sure how much I needed and didn't have the pattern with me when I was at Joann's a few weeks ago. The pattern actually calls for 2 1/8 yards, which is only 4 1/2 inches more, but 4 1/2 inches can make a big difference in a sewing I'm really hoping the fact that I am short and will probably need to shorten the length of the skirt, will save me in this regard. We shall see. I am making style C:

In (hopefully) this fabric. I've always wanted a polka dot dress but was too cheap to spend like $40 on one that I liked a few years ago. I shall make my own instead.

I'm also pretty excited because in addition to getting to see Kelly and Christian tomorrow, Alex is also coming to hang out with us and knit with me. It is a Knitting Alliance meeting. We are both huge (HUGE) Office fans (like to the point where we spend all day sending Office quotes back and forth to each other, and assuming she is half as amused as I am, we both spend the entire day cracking up over it), and not long ago I asked her, "Do you want to form an alliance?" And of course she replied, "Absolutely, I do." Hahaha, so now I keep thinking of this little get-together as our Knitting Alliance meeting. Yeah, so we are dorks, whatever, ha.

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