Thursday, July 22, 2010

C is for Christian!

The sleep sack is officially finished now! I went to buy a zipper yesterday, and sucky Walmart did not have the proper size. So I called Kelly from the store and asked if Christian would want buttons or snaps instead, because otherwise he would have to wait until I could get the right size zipper. She said buttons would be good. This is after she told me 2 weeks ago that she didn't want buttons because "they wouldn't stay closed." Okay. Haha. So my trip to the store was a total waste, but that's okay. (Although I did find out that Walmart sells snaps and I don't have to pay insane postage to for them if need them in the future.) I came home and added 2 rows of single crochet to the bottom (where there was already 1 row). I learned how to add buttonholes in crochet, and I added four 3-chain buttonholes (I assume it would be called chains instead of stitches in crochet, but who knows). So basically, the row I already had, plus the buttonhole row, plus one more row of single crochet along the bottom. Then I sewed on some of the wooden buttons, which look amazing, and it is done!

Seriously, those buttons are way cuter than a zipper would be.

And Christian, Kelly, and Sheldon are coming to town today! Kelly and Christian are staying until Tuesday while Sheldon goes to New York for work. Yay :)

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