Sunday, July 4, 2010

Party dress finished!

I finished my dress! It is a tiny bit too tight in the waist area, but I can breathe and everything, so whatever. The length came out perfect. It kind of looks in the first picture like it doesn't fit right in the bust, but I think it's the way I'm standing. I mostly like it though. I'm not entirely sure it's the right style for my body. I feel like the band around the middle and then the way it flares out from there just makes me look wider than I am - third picture. (Although I think I had my hip cocked out at a weird angle as well. Maybe if I don't strike any sassy poses? Haha.) It looks good in the second picture where I'm all stretched out, but I'm generally not stretched out, haha. (Maybe I should only strike ballerina poses!) So I don't know. I like it but at the same time I don't know if it looks right on me. And seriously, every time I have finished dress pictures, my hair is all thrown up and insane looking. My hair normally looks way better than this, FYI. Hahaha.

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