Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stripey romper finished!

I finished up the striped romper yesterday! It came out really cute. It still needs the snaps (ordered but waiting for them to arrive), but it's otherwise done.

I got started on the zipper in the dress yesterday, but it gave me some problems. Partly because I couldn't understand the directions and partly because after figuring it out, I decided it would be okay to take shortcuts. It wasn't, ha. But I did get to try out the new sewing table yesterday which is working out nicely. I also filled that up with thread and ribbon and scissors and patterns and pins and buttons and all kinds of fun stuff! I'm happy with it. I now need a chair though because currently I am using one of my kitchen chairs. Which is really not a big deal since I never use my kitchen table anyway except to pile stuff on, ha.

I also figured I had better get working on some of the other projects I have started. I finished the left front of Sabine's sweater last night (right front and collar still to go), and I made some progress on the collar of my cardigan and started sewing it in as I go to save the hassle of that later. I need to get back to work on Amanda's pinwheel blanket, but it's kind of boring...And the sweater I started for Gina and the Jenny scarf for Minnie are just going on hold until I finish everything else, because they are not really urgent.

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