Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sabine's ribbed baby jacket

I finished Sabine's sweater last night! I have to mail it out to her mom, who already loves it from the pictures :) I can't wait to see how cute she looks in it!

I've also made some more progress on the smaller romper. I was worried about running out of yarn, so I did some calculations yesterday (if you really want mathematical details, let me know and I'll gladly expand upon that, but I somehow doubt that anyone cares, ha) and finally decided that if I shortened each of the arms and legs by 1 inch, I should have enough. Should. I decided to do the arms now rather than waiting until the end because I would rather run out of yarn on the legs and do the legs a different color than the arms. So I finished up the arms today, and I'm still making my way down the body. I really like this. I love how the navy blue looks with the dyed yarn. I'm not totally sure Kelly will like this dyed yarn for Christian. It is mostly blue but the non-blue portions are purple (which she doesn't like) and even some very, very small bits of pink (which Sheldon might not like for his son, ha). Oh well. I don't care, she can save it for when she has a Jillian.

And now Kelly wants a new sleeping sack for Christian, "pronto," because he's outgrowing the old one and they need an extra for when the one is being washed. She also requested a sweater for her niece Maddy. I also bought yet another romper pattern yesterday (couldn't resist), and I think I will make one of them with the other dyed yarn I have. I am never going to be short on projects. I will finish this romper before starting anything new. I may start the new romper after that, just because I want him to be able to wear it before he grows any more! And I will do the sleeping sack. After that I really need to work on Amanda's blanket, Gina's sweater, Jeannie's sweater (not yet started), and Maddy's sweater (not yet started) before committing to ANYTHING else!!! I also have two more sweaters planned for Christian, but they are bigger sized and he won't be able to wear them yet, so I need to do everything else first.

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