Monday, August 2, 2010

Dyed yarns!

I finally have some good pictures of the results of our dyeing party the other day! Everything came out great (except the blue/yellow sock yarn I did which lost a lot of color and will be re-dyed some time).

This is one of mine, a worsted weight yarn. It has no name yet.

Here is Alex's first dyed yarn, which came out great. She did it like the Earth Day Baby yarn I did a while ago. This is sock yarn.

Another of mine, worsted weight. Kelly wanted me to call it Redhead Bedhead after Christian and his messy red hair, haha.

Alex's other yarn, more sock yarn. The colors are amazingly bright!

And my last one, not counting the one I will redo, Katie's green and pink sock yarn! It's called Irish Shamrocks after Katie's screen name. You now have your own colorway! There are so many different color variations here that I think instead of long repeats, this is going to be no repeats - no two rows will be alike!


  1. oh it is so green and perfect! I can't wait to find the perfect irishish pattern for it! Thanks Annie! You rock!