Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yet another sweater update

So many sweaters in progress here.

I started Maddy's sweater. It's called Something Red. I was going to call it Something Purple, but the yarn ended up being this not-quite-purple/not-quite-pink color, so I'm just calling it Something for Maddy. (What's up with LB Cotton Ease and their non-colors?!) I've gotten a little farther than in this picture, but I'm only at about 5% done so far!

I haven't gotten very far on the Jeannie Sweater.

I finished the back of Vestee.

I finished the body and started the first sleeve of Zebra.

I finished the second sleeve of Snug but still have yet to get a good picture of this stupid sweater!

And I'm halfway done with the first sleeve of the Wraplan. No pictures of that at the moment. No more progress on T&S. That is the extent of everything I am currently working on, although I ordered new yarn yesterday for 2 more sweaters! I'm going to make Kelly a Swinging Stripe Cardigan (like mine and Gina's only different colors) for Christmas, and I'm going to make Leo for Aaron.

Bonus picture: Here is Christian in his Sweet Pea Pod Romper!!

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