Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Almost finished project

I know I haven't posted lately. I've been trying to take it somewhat easy on my hands, and I also have only been actively working on one project, which together leaves me with less to show for my work and therefore less to show off! But I finished up the second sleeve of Twist & Shout yesterday, and I sewed it in and sewed the second side and sleeve seams! I sewed in all the loose ends and also started on the collar last night. As soon as I finish the collar, I am done! In the meantime, here is the awesomeness that is Twist & Shout. Expect real finished pictures in the next day or two!


  1. For someone who is supposed to be saving her hands there are ALOT of cables in this! :) Come to knitting tomorrow I missed you last week!

  2. haha, most of the cabling was done pre-hand pain! and I'm definitely not going to make it tomorrow but probably next week.