Thursday, September 23, 2010

New yarn and new yarn storage system

I got an order in from Knit Picks the other day.

The five across the top are Swish DK in Asparagus, Parrot, Carrot, Peapod, and Lemongrass Heather. They will be used for a hat and scarf set for Christian.

The blue is Shine Sport River, which will be part of Kelly's redo Swinging Stripe Cardigan (along with the same pink I had originally started it with).

The yellow is CotLin in Canary for a Playground Shirt, a T-shirt style sweater for Christian.

In other exciting news, I took the day off yesterday and my mom and I went to IKEA, where I bought a bunch of boxes to store my yarn in. I wasn't sure I was getting enough boxes, but it turned out I have plenty of leftover room for more yarn. One box I didn't even use at all yet. Here is my new stack of yarn boxes with little labels to let me know what is in each box, so that I don't have to sort through bags of yarn, AND it looks good!

In knitting news, I know I keep saying I will be finishing Twist & Shout any day, but I swear it will be done today and I will have a finished project post for you tomorrow! Promise!


  1. That's how I store my yarn! I have 4 boxes for them but I think I'll be needing another, haha.

  2. I'm sure you did tell me that, but I was picturing something totally different - one of those plastic tower things with sliding drawers. That is what I thought you used, for whatever reason, haha.

  3. I have like a little mini drawer bin for needles and accessories, but I have 4 canvas bins (a little bigger than yours) for yarn. But you still have more storage than me because you have more bins, haha.

  4. Ok, that must be what I was thinking of! And yes, work on building that stash up! :P (Not like you need any encouragement, haha)

  5. Please, no encouragement! I already have enough in my cart and wish list on KP as it is, haha.