Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nameless post

I was going to start the scarf last night, but the thought of all the ends I would eventually have to weave in kind of stopped me dead in my tracks, ha. I mean, there are like 60+ stripes, and because it's 5 colors and not just 2, I think carrying the yarn would be more of a pain. I guess I could carry all the colors because there is a border around it when it's done, and that would all be on the wrong side...we'll see. I have a feeling Kelly's not even going to like the colors I used, so if she hates the hat then I guess that solves my problem!

Instead I started Kelly's sweater. I like the new color choices much better than the previous ones.

I got to show off Twist & Shout last night at String Thing Shop, and it was a huge hit. Everyone loved it and said how great it looked, so yay :)

Kelly and Christian are visiting this weekend, so I get to go try all his sweaters and hat on him later (I decided not to wait until Christmas to give him the sweaters because he doesn't care about opening presents, and at the rate he is growing he might be able to wear them sooner anyway). I will also show Maddy's sweater in progress to Kelly and see if she likes that.

And finally, I don't think I ever showed off Christian happily modeling his Sun Hat recently:

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