Sunday, October 3, 2010

World's Most Tedious Sweater

So this stupid Laura Sweater is boring, boring, boring. The neck was bad enough, but the body is all stockinette in the round, knit, knit, knit. And it's just slow going. It's coming out nice enough, just not really a blast to knit. I've tried it on (it's going to be a little tight on me, I think, but it's okay because Jeannie's thinner than I am), and I think I'm going to have to take out the neck cast on and bind it off more loosely. It's supposed to a lot more stretchy than it is. I also might take a little bit of the length off the neck because it's huge, haha. But just an inch or so.

I've also been working on the Swinging Stripe Cardigan. I finished the first blue stripe and knitted one row of pink. I'm worried I'm not going to like these colors together either. I like them side by side, but I don't know, I'm unsure about the actual knitting. We'll see. I haven't made enough progress with the pink to even make an accurate judgment, so I guess I shouldn't worry about it yet.

I started Christian's Playground Shirt the other day. I finished the whole yoke and was starting the body when I started thinking it seemed small. I checked my gauge and it was off, so I ripped it out. Then I later realized that I think my gauge was off in the opposite direction, so it should have been bigger...I think. I had 20 st/in and the pattern said 22-23 st/in. So I was actually getting more inches out of the same amount of stitches, so it should have been big...? I'm confused. I am waiting on that for now. I might end up making the 1-2T instead of the 6-12m size.

Kelly liked Christian's hat. She wasn't that into the colors, but the hat itself looked so cute that she couldn't resist. Plus as she said, "Everything looks good on Christian." Hahaha. So I guess I will make the scarf after all. She said right now it might just be a chew toy for him, but they can always use it next year too. He was SO MAD when I tried his new sweaters and hat on him the other day. Grouchy boy:

Amanda asked me the other day if I would make her a zombie doll for her baby on the way. I can't find any actual zombie patterns, but I figured I could take a regular doll and zombify it. She has some onesies that she made with this cartoonish zombie that she said I could use as an example. It's just a green-skinned dude with ripped clothes and blood on his face and shirt. I can handle that, I think. I started feeling ambitious and thinking I could also make a zombie lady, but we'll see how the first one goes. I think it will probably be easier to sew the clothes rather than knit them, but again, we'll see. I haven't started that, but it shouldn't be too hard, I don't think...Amanda's sample zombie:

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