Monday, October 4, 2010

Neck fixed

So I mentioned yesterday that the neck of the Jeannie sweater needed some work. I should have used a stretchier cast on than the cable cast on (I don't know what one I should have used, but if I made this again, I would definitely find out. Not that I will make it again most likely.) The cast on I used was not stretchy at all and did not allow the neck to lie flat when folded and opened up. So I had to cut off the very top at the cast on and then re-bind off. I took off about an inch of the ridiculous length because it was too long, and then I started trying to finish it. It was a disaster and a half. It's almost impossible to unravel knitting in the wrong direction (from the cast on toward the rest of the work), and the fact that it was ribbed made it all confusing to figure out what was what. The bottoms of the stitches, where I was picking them up, were not the same as the tops that I am used to knitting. I think it was because of the ribbing, because I have picked up stitches like this in stockinette before with no problems. Anyway, I finally got all my stitches picked up, got all the cut leftovers of yarn cleaned out, and was ready to bind off. I did the Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn bind off which I love and is very stretchy. The neck is perfect now. When it's folded and opened up, it fans out and lies flat. Yay.

(Keep in mind this sweater is slightly too small for me, but I'm modeling it anyway just to show the neck.)

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