Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lots of stripes

I started the striped scarf yesterday. I decided I'm going to do 10 stripes and then stop and weave in ends. That will be way less aggravating than weaving in ends from 71 stripes (the finished total according to the pattern)! Ten stripes done with all ends woven in:

I also got about halfway through the first pink stripe of Kelly's sweater, and I'm pretty sure that I am satisfied with the colors after all.

I've otherwise just been slogging my way through the Jeannie sweater. Leo is on hold. Maddy's sweater needs sleeves and a collar, but I've been putting that off for whatever reason. And I haven't restarted the Playground Shirt or started the zombie doll (s) beyond the planning stage, which has thus far just consisted of inartistic doodles:

Oh, and Minion got stuck in one of my yarn storage boxes yesterday. It's actually kind of a mystery as to what happened because the lid was still on the box.

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