Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Snug finished!

I finished up Snug last night! I love it! I considered alternating black and white buttons, but I finally decided on just white.

Things learned, problems, and other comments: This was a really different construction than any sweater I've made. It was knit sideways rather than top down or bottom up. I learned how to do provisional cast on by crochet. If I made this again, I would use a bigger crochet hook to cast on. The biggest one I had was I think 2 sizes smaller than my knitting needles, and so the cast on edge was a little tight. When I did the cast on for the hood, I knew that the previous one had been too tight, so I did the crochet chain really loosely, and that helped a lot.

The way the stitches were held for the sleeves was new to me and worked nicely. But next time I would wait to seam the shoulders until after picking up the sleeve stitches. It was really tight picking them up with the shoulders already seamed, and it also left some holes in the shoulders that had to be sewn up later, I think because it was so tight at the shoulder that I wasn't sure where the last sleeve stitch on each side of the shoulder actually was.

I really like the look and feel of the sewn bind-off, even though it takes FOREVER to do, especially around the front of the hood when I had 145 stitches to BO.

I also wanted this to be about a 6-12 month size, while the pattern was only newborn-6 months. I started with asilem's changes (cast on 40 instead of 32) and then just sized all the numbers in the entire pattern up by 25% (like knitting to 2.5" instead of 2" before doing the sleeve inset). So any stitch number or measurement or whatever, I just added 25%.

My finished measurements:
Length, shoulder to bottom edge: 11 in.
Length, underarm to bottom edge: 7 in.
Width all the way around: 20 in.
Width of one side: 5 in.
Width of back: 10 in.
Hood length, top of hood to shoulder: 9 in.
Hood width, side to side at the shoulders: 7 in.
Sleeve length, underarm to edge, un-cuffed: 7 in.


  1. Can I ask you a quick question? In the pattern, after knitting on scrap yarn for the left sleeve inset, it says to continue to knit for 10" - is that measured from the cast on edge or where the scrap yarn was added?

    thanks for your help!

  2. I'm pretty sure it was from the cast on edge.