Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doodles and yarn

After driving myself crazy yesterday about what to do with the Zombie doll, I finally just grabbed a piece of paper, traced the back piece onto the paper, and drew out what I wanted the front piece to look like. I came up with this masterpiece:

Alex says it's my best drawing yet, haha. I then charted it out in Excel and got to work. I don't have much done on it, but I'm actually excited to work on it now. I decided to do it all as one piece, with intarsia for the white shirt underneath, some tears in the jacket, and a hole in the jacket. So that's settled and so far so good.

I went to String Thing Shop last night and put some shelves together for Brenda who is pregnant and can't do it herself. Then I relaxed and knitted while some of the other ladies stocked up the new shelves with a ton of new yarn.

I decided I should probably start branching out and try different yarns, rather than sticking strictly to all things Knit Picks and Cascade 220. I ended up buying 2 skeins of Cascade Ultra Pima (which is still Cascade but new to me!), and Brenda gave me a "construction discount." Hahaha, if I had known that, I would have bought more yarn. And this morning I found the yellow-green one in a completely different place than I had left it last night, so apparently the Minion-cat approves, ha. (Catherine told me at the store last night that the colors looked really nice together and asked, "What do you think you'll make with it?" And I said, "What do YOU think I'll make with it?!" Hahaha, baby clothes, of course.)

Also I recently bought some new-to-me yarn online which I will share when it arrives, hopefully soon.

I do think I will have to take another knitting holiday because my finger (the one I cut recently) is killing me lately. I originally thought it was just stiff and sore from babying it and not really using it much until the stitches were out, but it's been over a week since they're out, and it's only gotten worse. So I'm going to splint it later. I should still be able to knit because I was knitting even with the stitches in, but it won't be my usual sweatshop knitting, hahaha.

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